What you should know about Green Coffee Bean Extract Dosage

If you are looking for a safe product for many health benefits, you should consider the green coffee bean extract. This is not just a popular weight loss product with no substance. This extract is derived from nature in the form of the green coffee bean. It is one of the natural things which have been shown to reduce weight gain, suppress your appetite, decrease bad cholesterol in your body, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar and joint inflammation problems.


Some naturopathic doctors consider the extract to be a superfood because of the multiple health benefits and you can find this extract at natural health stores and online retailers. When this extract is taken, you should always use the green coffee bean extract dosage as instructed on the package.


What You Don’t Know About The Dosage


According to some medical experts, if you want to get the maximum benefits of the bean extract you should take at least 185 milligrams of the extract per day and before you take the extract you should always meet with the doctor to determine if you are healthy enough to take it. It is necessary to avoid taking more than the required dosage because an overdose could cause serious problems. If you have a naturopathic doctor, he can prescribe an adequate dosage of the extract.


You Don't Need a High Dosage In Order to Get Maximum Effect


Green coffee bean extract only contains 20 milligrams of caffeine and this is adequate enough to benefit from it. This is good news for those who were told by their doctors to limit their caffeine intake but who want the benefits that this wonderful extract offers. However, you still should not give this to children because their bodies may not be able to handle the dosage levels indicated on the package.


Benefits of Proper Dosage


With the proper dosage of green coffee bean extract, you get a variety of health benefits. For those who tend to eat a lot of carbs and sugary snacks, this raises your blood sugar in a negative way. With this coffee bean extract, you are able to lower your blood sugar and reduce diabetes risks. If you are stressed out during the day, this extract keeps you in a good mood thanks to the main ingredient in it, chlorogenic acid.




We all know that drinking coffee in excess is not a good thing and for the days when you want to lay low on your regular coffee drinking, you can substitute a few drops of green coffee bean extract in your lemon water or herbal tea. Green coffee bean extract is readily available at most stores and it is affordable. You can buy bulk purchases of the extract if you always want to have some on hand. You want to research different brands of extract before making a purchase so that you will get the best product. Finally, it is not advisable to mix this extract with your other liquid medications.


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